Anti-nuclear Clean Energy

Friends of the Earth has been campaigning against the nuclear industry - and promoting safer solutions - for 40 years. If you'd like to get involved, contact your local FoE group or contact your local anti-nuclear campaign group or contact FoE's national nuclear campaigner Jim Green 0417 318 368 or email

 April 2017 - these anti-nuclear webpages are slowly being updated after a transition to a new web platform. Detailed information on the nuclear industry is posted at:

If you're looking for a particular webpage, try replacing 'www.' with 'archive.' ... so for example:

- information on the plan to use Adnyamathanha people in SA's Flinders Ranges as the nation's nuclear garbage dump is:

- information on the plan to turn SA into the world's high-level nuclear waste dump is posted at:

- and critical responses to nuclear lobbyists are posted at