Radioactive Exposure Tours


Friends of the Earth's Radioactive Exposure Tour will take place sometime in the first half of 2014. Register your interest now − places fill fast! These tours have exposed thousands of people first-hand to the realities of 'radioactive racism' and to the environmental impacts of the nuclear industry.

After travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide we will head through Port Augusta and visit the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Then we'll travel north to the SA desert, we'll visit BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam uranium mine at Roxby Downs, the largest uranium deposit in the world. While the expansion of Olympic Dam is currently shelved, the mine is still an environmental and social disaster in itself.

We'll watch sunset over Lake Eyre and see the Mound Springs − oases which are fed by the underlying Great Artesian Basin and host unique flora and fauna. Sadly, some of the Mound Springs have been adversely effected or destroyed altogether by the massive water take for the Olympic Dam mine. The water is taken from Arabunna land and we'll hopefully get to spend time with Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott, Co-President of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance.

We'll hear first-hand accounts of the British nuclear bomb tests from Maralinga veteran and whistle-blower Avon Hudson (also a Co-President of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance). After stopping for a swim at Coward Springs, we'll head east and camp in the beautiful Gammon Ranges and visit the not-so-beautiful Beverley uranium mine. We'll hear about the struggle to prevent uranium mining in the magnificent Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, camping nearby and in one of the beautiful gorges further south in the Flinders Ranges National Park.

Participants get to experience affinity groups, consensus decision making, desert camping and vegetarian, communal cooking while travelling to some of the most beautiful and ecologically significant environments in Australia. We're particularly keen for you to come along if you are involved in anti-nuclear campaigning or if you're interested in getting involved. 

The costs (subject to change) are: concession $500 - waged $750 - solidarity $950. If cost is a barrier, contact the organisers to discuss funding ideas.

 If you're interested in joining in the 2014 Radioactive Exposure Tour, contact

The 2013 radtour was a big bonza success
Thanks to organisers Gem and Em; thanks to Anya and Alice for catering; and thanks to everyone else who participated and helped out.
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