Nature: Not negotiable

Environmental protection laws under attack

Changes are afoot to dramatically wind back cornerstone federal environmental protection laws. Under these changes, State Governments would be given sweeping powers to assess and approve major development projects. If implemented, these changes would be a disaster for our nation's environment and wildlife.

Palm oil - the Australian connection

'The social and environmental impacts of palm oil plantations are immense, threatening some of the world’s most bio-diverse rainforest and ancient cultures.’ 12.

Palm Oil is the hidden ingredient in more than 50% of our supermarket products, including foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and increasingly in some parts of the world as a constituent of biofuels. In our region, tropical rainforests are being converted to palm oil plantations at a massive rate.

Global palm oil companies and financiers responsible for Indonesian peat fires

December 8, 2015

No GE Trees

Forest campaigners at the Brazilian Consulate in Melbourne today to call on Brazil to reject a proposal from FuturaGene, a biotechnology firm wholly owned by Brazilian pulp and paper company Suzano, that would see a massive commercial release of genetically engineered trees.

Shocking footage shows koalas caught in logging

Friends of the Earth has been alarmed to see that koalas are still be impacted on by plantation logging in South West Victoria. Recent footage sent to Friends of the Earth shows a koala with baby being felled inside a plantation owned by the Cayman Islands based, Australian Bluegum Plantations Pty Ltd.

Community Needs More Input into Forest Management

Friends of the Earth Australia's concern over long term viability of Strathbogie Koala Population

Australia We Love: How are we tracking?

Friends of the Earth is a proud member of Places You Love.

PYL has just completed a landmark survey of Australia’s environment – our rivers, energy, climate, food, forests, waste and pollution, land management, oceans and reefs.

Victoria pulls out of national park logging trial – NSW should follow

Friends of the Earth can announce today that the Victorian Government has withdrawn from a controversial logging trial planned for the Barmah National Park, part of the world’s largest red gum forest.

The joint Victoria-NSW logging trial would have seen commercial logging machinery felling trees across 400 hectares of national park on both sides of the Murray River.

Public forum: stop 'scientific' logging in river red gum national parks

Plans by the NSW and Victorian governments to trial 'ecological thinning' in river red gum forests could see swathes of our national parks opened to 'scientific' logging.

'one stop shop' webinar

Date: Wednesday 6th November 2013 8:00PM to 9:00PM
Location: Via your computer

How a one stop shop turned into one stop chop


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