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Bill Busters is a campaign for a minimum energy efficiency standard for all rental housing in NSW. We want to ensure that all homes have simple, affordable, energy saving improvements that bust electricity bills, energy wastage, and greenhouse gas pollution for everyone.

Why energy efficiency?
Whether you own property or not, everyone should be able to live in a home which is comfortable and affordable to run. Simple energy efficiency upgrades can bust $1000 a year from the average electricity bill [1]. Unfortunately for renters, landlords have little incentive to upgrade their rentals to save energy because they don’t pay the electricity bills, and because they receive tax breaks for replacing or repairing inefficient appliances, but not for upgrading them! [2]. 

Energy inefficient homes are a problem for everyone, not just renters. Heating or cooling homes that leak energy is an expensive waste. In the last ten years (when electricity prices have doubled) $75 billion has been spent on expanding the electricity network to cope with peak demand during heatwaves [3]. This has added about 25% to everyone's electricity bills. [4]

Homes that leak energy can't be kept at comfortable temperatures without outrageous bills, and this is a big health problem [5]. In NSW, heatwaves are already the most common cause of death from natural disasters [6], while in winter 1 in 15 deaths are linked to long term exposure to the cold [7]. The good news is these deaths could largely be avoided if the worst performing homes were brought up to a minimum energy efficiency standard.

Can it be done?

Yes, minimum energy efficiency standards have been successfully introduced all throughout the world and Australia is lagging behind [8,9] . The good news is that the NSW government already introduced water efficiency standards for tenant housing in 2010 and they could do it for energy too [10,11]. 

Improving energy efficiency in tenanted housing is the simplest and most effective way to relieve people from financial stress, improve health , cut emissions, and adapt to climate change that we're already experiencing. We need you as part of a strong movement to raise awareness of the issue and build pressure!

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