Nuclear power and weapons: the myth of the peaceful atom

Nuclear power and weapons - explaining the connections

Detailed 2015 paper: The myth of the peaceful atom - debunking the misinformation peddled by the nuclear industry and its supporters

Nuclear power and weapons proliferation - detailed 2010 briefing paper (PDF).

Case Studies: Civil Nuclear Programs and Weapons Proliferation (Word file).

This paper concerns countries which have pursued nuclear weapons under cover of a civil nuclear program. The case studies cover these 21 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Syria, Taiwan, and Yugoslavia. The criterion for the inclusion in the above list is concrete activity in pursuit of nuclear weapons, linked to a civil nuclear research or power program, e.g. weapons-related experiments, or fissile material production and separation.

Nuclear weapons and 'Generation 4' reactors

Research reactors and weapons proliferation (Word file)

Thorium and WMD proliferation risks

Plutonium grades and nuclear weapons - can 'reactor grade' plutonium be used in weapons?

UK - use of power reactors to produce plutonum for weapons

Lucas Heights and nuclear weapons

Articles by Victor Gilinsky - physicist and former US Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner

Quotable quotes about safeguards and proliferation

PR spin and the power/weapons symbiosis

John Carlson, 2009, 'Introduction to the Concept of Proliferation Resistance' (useful discussion on various issues e.g. proliferation risks associated with thorium)

The nuclear power section in the links page has references to further reading on power/weapons connections. The links page also has a safeguards section.