Uranium Mining in Australia

Uranium - how low can it go? (May 2014 article re decline of global uranium industry)

Summary of uranium mining in Australia

2013 report - 'Yellowcake Fever - Exposing the Uranium Industry's Economic Myths' (PDF)

Important May 2014 article in Nuclear Engineering International Magazine about the future of the uranium market

Public opinion in Australia towards nuclear power and uranium mining

Stop Toro Energy's proposed Wiluna uranium mine in WA

Critique of Switkowski Report - uranium mining section

EnergyScience Coalition Submission to the Australia 2020 Summit

Summary uranium mining in Australia (PDF - lots of pics, some text, some links)

Nuclear Safeguards

Detailed information on the flaws and limitations of nuclear safeguards and the misinformation peddled by the so-called Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office

Uranium customer countries - China, Russia, India, etc

Nuclear security and Australia's uranium exports

Olympic Dam Uranium/Copper Mine

Yellowcake Country: Australia's Uranium Industry (3.7MB PDF)

2006. Short articles on all aspects of Australia's uranium industry.

Detailed data - uranium mines/deposits in Australia - 2011 update (PDF)

Compiled by Dr Gavin Mudd

In-Situ Leach Uranium Mining

Beverley, Beverley-Four Mile, Honeymoon etc.

Impacts of 'trial' uranium mining in SA (PDF)

November 2007. Under current South Australian legislation, the mining of real uranium and the polluting of real groundwater is permitted without an assessment of its potential environmental impacts or even public consultation. This occurs when a mining company is granted a “retention lease”, allowing it to mine radioactive ores on a so-called “trial” basis before obtaining a commercial mining lease.

Critique of the Uranium Information Centre

Uranium mining in Queensland (2006, PDF)

Famous moments in FoE history: exposing the uranium cartel in 1976

Impacts of nuclear power & uranium mining on water resources

Paladin threatens pensioner

Ranger uranium mine: 2012 report about Ranger 3 Deeps expansion plan (PDF)

Ranger Danger - 2014 ECNT report about Ranger uranium mine (PDF)

Marcia Langton's 2012/13 Boyer Lectures

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