Tax time appeal 2012

ROSSLYN BEEBY, environment reporter at the Canberra Times, wrote earlier in the year:

“ Groups to watch in 2012:
Friends of the Earth: The green scene's doggedly determined, ever-reliable Duracell bunnies. FOE Australia keep drumming away at tricky issues, and always turns in a cracker report, bristling with meaningful statistics. Their submission to this year's Senate koala inquiry delivered evidence of a potential koala sub-species (possibly even a new species) in Victoria. They're also emerging as strong social justice advocates in the MDB water reform debate. And they do it all on the smell of a crumpled muesli-bar wrapper. FOE have East Gippsland fracking in their sights for 2012, so keep a eye on their website.

Here at Friends of the Earth we pride ourselves on being a lean and efficient grassroots organisation. Our budget is well under one tenth of the other large national green groups. But in campaign terms we punch well above our weight, and we have the highest ‘return’ – by far – in terms of campaign activity per dollar donated, because our administration and other costs are so low.

Some quick highlights from the last year:

·    We challenged one of the largest coal mining companies on the planet – Xstrata – through taking them to court over their proposed Wandoan mega coal mine planned for central QLD and have been a leading force in the direct action campaigns at Gladstone Harbour, the location of the Gas Hub which will export coal seam gas (CSG) through the Great Barrier Reef;
·    We have been a driving force in the Lock the Gate alliance, an inspiring and effective grassroots resistance against the threat of CSG. Lock the Gate is an emerging social and political movement which is now starting to drive the national agenda on energy policy and food security;
·    We have put CSG on the political agenda in Victoria – where we have a good chance of stopping this industry before it gets established. We have played a key role in defeating 6 CSG exploration applications over the past year, and got the state governments attention, forcing them to finally respond to the issue;
·    Our Quit Coal campaign is working with affected communities to build pressure on companies wanting to open new coal mines;
·    We have become a significant voice in the national debate over water policy in the Murray Darling basin;
·    Our anti nuclear campaigners continue to work with Indigenous communities to hold the line on the expansion of the uranium industry,  plans to dump radioactive waste in the NT, and the use of Australian uranium in the Fukushima reactors;
·    Our nanotechnology campaign continues to grow in strength and influence; and
·    We have launched our new community hub in Melbourne – the South Melbourne Commons, which is a thriving learning centre focused on sustainable living.

Many of our campaigns are difficult to raise funds for. Nuclear campaigning, in particular, gets almost no philanthropic support in Australia. This is also the case for grassroots community campaigning against coal and CSG.

So, we survive because of our unpaid activists, and our members and supporters who understand the value of our work.

We do excellent work nationally on a range of campaigns – including nukes, clean energy, nanotechnology, chemicals, forests, food,  indigenous solidarity, and climate change - on a budget that is a lot less than many groups spend just on administration.

We only ask our supporters to help us twice a year and I can safely say that any help you can provide will make a real difference. Please donate if you can, become a member, or a regular donor – it all helps.

Thanks again for your support – moral, practical and financial - over the past year. I look forward to another that has many victories, and movement forward towards the type of world we want and need.

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Many thanks

Cam Walker
FoE Australia

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