Chain Reaction #115 - August 2012

Chain Reaction is the national magazine of Friends of the Earth Australia. The latest edition has a feature on the campaigns against coal and coal seam gas (CSG).

Articles include:

  • Coal seam gas: Lock the Gate unites cockies, blockies, croppers and greenies
  • Coal, CSG and Victoria's green politics battleground
  • James Price Point LNG controversy
  • Nanotech: Slip, slop, slap: exposing the great sunscreen cover-up
  • Basin plan delivers a raw deal
  • Women, food sovereignty and 'green jobs' in China
  • Toro Energy promotes dangerous radiation junk science
  • Anti-uranium Walk for Country in WA
  • Muckaty Traditional Owners fighting Ferguson's dump
  • Maralinga − 60 years on
  • The ugly face of Australia's nuclear racism
  • Nuclear power, warfare and global famine
  • Wind turbines power mass hysteria
  • SA electricity generation: Good news, and better to come

Check here to download the entire edition as a PDF, or read each article here.