mapping Australia's nuclear sites − past and present

Friends of the Earth is today launching, a new online educational resource which brings together information, photos and videos about more than 50 of Australia's nuclear sites including uranium mines and processing plants, the Lucas Heights research reactor, proposed reactor and dump sites, and British nuclear weapons test sites.

An overview shines a spotlight on recurring problems in Australia's nuclear history such as children being exposed to radiation, unresolved radioactive contamination issues, and the important role of nuclear whistleblowers. An article about the project, 'Recovering Australia's Nuclear History', is posted at New Matilda.

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View online or download a PDF file which contains all entries and the overview. Another feature of the website is the interactive 'Chernobyl in Australia' map which allows people to choose potential reactor sites and different wind directions to see what would happen if something went terribly wrong.

australianmap material has been written and researched by Jim Green and Nectaria Calan with IT support from Glenn Todd.

Contact: [email protected], 0417 318368