Di Horsburgh R.I.P.

Di Horburgh and friends protest the Kuranda Range Highway proposal at a gatherin

Diana Horsburgh, a founder-member of Friends of the Earth Kuranda, died at her home in Kuranda in the early morning of Saturday, 6th October 2012 surrounded by close family and friends.

Di was an inspiring activist. She’ll be greatly missed by many in the local community – not least by her friends and colleagues in FoE Kuranda.

Her untimely death leaves a large gap in this region’s environment movement.

A long-time staff member of The Wilderness Society, Di loved the Australian bush with passion, struggled hard for its protection and was a tireless advocate for the protection of Cape York.

As a key member of the Kuranda Range Defenders, which later became FoE Kuranda, Di helped lead the successful campaign against the proposed 4-Lane Highway on the Kuranda Range in the first decade of this century.

On Christmas Day 2000, Di was part of a small party of bushwalkers who mounted the summit of Lambs Head. It’s the tallest peak in this part of the Great Dividing Range. The view from the top is simply spectacular.

Ascending Lambs Head isn’t for the feint-hearted – it’s quite a hike! Yet Di managed the entire walk bare-foot, never complaining once.

Di was a remarkable woman who did remarkable things – and she had a zest for life that was infectious.

The view from Lambs Head, Atherton Tablelands

After a brief but painful struggle with cancer, Di’s spirit is free once again to roam the wild places she loved so much.

From FoE Kuranda.

Image: Di Horburgh and friends protest the Kuranda Range Highway proposal at a gathering in Atherton, c. 2003 (Di is seated under the words ‘No Way!’)