Protect Arnhem Land

PROTECT ARNHEM LAND is a campaign to fight offshore exploration, mining and drilling around the entire coastline of the Northern Territory Arnhem Land region.

In August 2012 it came to light that there exists over forty potential petroleum exploration sites off the coast of Arnhem Land.

The people living on this country had not been informed of the submission of such exploration permits nor were they aware of what mining exploration entails.

We are concerned that this vitally important communication has been conveyed in a way lacking any respect, acknowledgement or understanding of these Clan groupings.

Therefore, in response to this alarming and disrespectful process so far, we have formed a group consisting of local residents of Maningrida Community including Traditional Land Owners. 'Protect Arnhem Land' (PAL) is the name of the campaign we have launched with the intention of fighting for a just process for the people of Arnhem Land in relation to the new offshore mining permits and any future oil or gas proposals.

We are requesting a moratorium on all offshore oil, gas and mining exploration approvals until there is effective consultation with every Clan group in the geographic areas that are affected. The consultation would therefore be in local languages through their communication channels and include a detailed explanation of the exploration process. This detailed explanation would be the result of an environmental and cultural assessment for all the parcels being considered and would also include the cumulative impact of all oil, gas and offshore mining applications being considered.

This honourable approach would see objective and independent enquiry allowing the Aboriginal landowners to be fully cognizant of any potential threats to the unique ecosystem, marine habitats, breeding grounds, endangered species, Sacred Sites and Song Lines. The wider national and international community could also then continue to trust in the stewardship of these people, the world’s oldest living culture for whom Arnhem Land has immeasurable significance and value.

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