2013 – time to stop the onshore coal and gas industry in Victoria

In 2012, community concern about the threat of new coal and gas operations, especially coal seam gas (CSG), pushed the state government to ban the use of dangerous BTEX chemicals and place a moratorium on the process of fracking for gas.

The moratorium will finish shortly and the government has made it clear it wants to see renewed expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

And our job just got harder - mining magnate Gina Rinehart has now bought into Victorian coal and gas exploration.

Her company has bought into local company Lakes Oil, and placed climate sceptic Ian Plimer and former politician Alexander Downer on the Lakes Oil board.

FoE has been tracking Lake’s activity for a year now, and highlighted poor management of some previous operations. They are currently drilling for shale oil in Gippsland, waiting for the moratorium on fracking to end so they can continue their Tight Gas operations, and hold three exploration licenses for brown coal.

the Victorian government must protect Gippsland’s future.

Agriculture is a cornerstone of Victoria’s economy, producing goods valued at around $9 billion a year. Victorian farmers do this with only around 3 per cent of Australia’s arable land.

Gippsland is one of the main farming areas in the state, producing food worth more than $1.3 billion per annum. It is threatened by climate change and pressured by urban sprawl. There is now also a risk from many proposals for new coal and gas operations.

The state government has opposed proposals to hold an inquiry into the likely impacts of new coal and gas operations on the land, water, people and economy of Victoria.

But we all know: No farms, no food.

We cannot allow the risk of some of our best farmland  being damaged by coal and gas operations.

We call for a permanent ban on any new coal and gas mining operations in key areas in Victoria.

This should include a ban on any exploration or production in:
·    productive agricultural areas
·    drinking water catchments, rivers, and ground water supplies
·    urban areas, and areas marked for future development
·    all public land including state forests, land leased to plantation companies and all conservation reserves

Local councils must have the ability to nominate additional areas for protection.

Demand that your community is protected

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