Reefwalk 2013

FootPrints for Peace are planning a community walk from Cairns to Gladstone to highlight the impact that coal exports will have on the Great Barrier Reef. The walk is supported by Friends of the Earth and Lock the Gate.

FootPrints for Peace is keen to connect with communities between Cairns and Gladstone to discuss the impact that coal and coal seam gas will have on communities along the east coast.

Instigated by June Norman, great grandmother aged 72 years is determined to use her passion of walking and her desire to leave a good legacy for future generations.

“The rush to export coal and gas will continue to affect other industries such as tourism, agriculture and fisheries.  With the increase of exports via the Great Barrier Reef, the reef will become collateral damage.  This short term gain may see Australia lose it’s World Heritage listing with UNESCO.

Communities along the east coast are also noticing social impacts such as rent increases, changed employment opportunities and a breakdown of community fabric,” said June.

The Reef Walk 2013 will commence in Cairns on Saturday 1st June and arrive in Gladstone mid August.

Community involvement will ensure that this walk will be a success to ensure we protect our environment and communities.  We invite your organisation to be part of the journey by doing one or more of the following:

- organise community representatives to join the walk (even if it is a group to walk into your town)
- organise a community event in your town
- provide food and accommodation for those participating in the walk (we will have camping equipment)
- promote the walk through your networks
- sponsor the walk via donations

Organisers for the walk can be contacted by email [email protected].

Enquiries can be directed to:
June Norman 0438 169 414
Karen Allen  0404 965 393
Cassie McMahon 0427 166 166