Australia: Our country or their quarry?

Today, Lock the Gate Alliance have launched our Call to Country. It's a call from the heart of this country, and the people who love it, to demand real action to restrict inappropriate coal and gas mining. Our new mapping shows that 437 million hectares of our land is covered by coal and gas licences or applications. That's more than half of Australia and an area 18 times the size of Great Britain. Even our greatest international tourist icons are not safe, with at least 11 of our 16 National Landscapes at threat.

Today, our Call to Country will be plastered to the window or pinned to the door of almost every Federal electorate in Australia. But this is just the beginning.

Over the next month, we're asking you to take Our Call To Country and meet with your Federal Member of Parliament. Our Federal politicians have shirked their responsibilities for too long - but they have the power to act and now they need to use it. Don't just stop with your Federal MPs. Keep on taking the Call to Country everywhere it needs to go - pin it to the doors of churches, financial institutions, chambers of commerce, and the offices of federal election candidates. Share it with your friends and families, your colleagues and your social and sporting clubs.

If you love Australia, now is the time to act. The country is calling.

We call on the federal government to:

1. Put in place an urgent moratorium on coal seam gas and other unconventional gas mining.

2. Create no-go zones to protect productive agricultural land, national tourism icons and all residential dwellings from coal and gas mining.

3. Strengthen the Federal environment laws to exclude coal and gas mining from important water sources, cultural heritage sites and sensitive environment areas.

4. Put in place national standards on coal and gas pollution and enforce compliance.

5. Stop using taxpayers' money to provide handouts to big coal and gas corporations and make the miners pay their fair share in taxes.

6. Reject current development proposals for coal ports, mega-mines, dams and unconventional gas wells in significant areas.

7. Conduct research into greenhouse gas emissions from mining and make sure they are properly accounted and fully paid for.

8. Hold a Royal Commission to investigate the management of coal and gas resources by all Australian governments.