Logging plan highlights danger of Coalition rule

Media Release, 13th May, 2013
A NSW Upper House Committee's call to open National Parks for logging demonstrates that Australians cannot trust Coalition governments to care for our unique protected areas, national Environment group Friends of the Earth says.

Fairfax media today reported that the draft report of a New South Wales Upper House Committee has recommended that National Parks be opened for commercial logging and that a freeze be placed on the declaration of new protected areas. The recommendations follow a raft of proposals to open National Parks to logging, cattle grazing, shooting and inappropriate development across Eastern Australia.  

Friends of the Earth has been working to halt a perverse “scientific logging” trial in NSW and Victorian Red Gum National Parks. The proposal was recently referred for Federal Government approval, despite the fact that logging had already been completed in parts of the forest.

"The New South Wales State Government must act to immediately rule out logging in all National Parks. This includes so called 'Ecological Thinning' as well as commercial logging activities," said Friends of the Earth Community Campaigner Will Mooney.

"Australians have worked hard to protect our precious ecosystems. Now we see Coalition state governments across Eastern Australia attempting to turn back the clock and open these areas to destructive activities. Undermining the status of our National Parks does not serve the wishes or interests of the majority of Australians," Will Mooney said.

"The Coalition has already shown its colours on this issue. Intervention by the current Federal Government has been the only barrier halting perverse plans like reintroducing cattle grazing into alpine National Parks. The possibility of a Federal Coalition Government would place our precious protected areas in further jeopardy," Mr Mooney said.

"Only a categorical rejection of these kinds of proposals by Federal leader Tony Abbott can show that the Coalition is serious about adopting a mainstream agenda on the environment. Pandering to fringe and extremist elements will damage our conservation estate and the Coalition’s standing in the eyes of the majority of Australians” Mr Mooney said.


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