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Friends of the Earth Australia (FoEA) is a national environmental and social justice federation.

[image: coal trains passing through Brisbane]

We pride ourselves on being a lean and efficient grassroots operation. We are essentially a volunteer activist organisation, with a small number of staff.

Over the past year we have been able to expand our campaign staff, with Leigh campaigning in support of renewable energy, and Chloe and Ursula working with communities in Gippsland so they can declare themselves coal and gas free.

This has had a huge impact on our ability to achieve outcomes.

Each year, we ask our members and supporters to help us financially via our tax time appeal.

This year we are seeking additional funding so we can employ more campaigners to fill some of the gaps in current campaigns against new coal and gas operations, and extend our activity into western and northern Australia.

[Image: Tight Gas drill pads in Gippsland. These will be Fracked if the moratorium is lifted].

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Or you can send a cheque to FoE, Box 222, Fitzroy, 3065 or call (03) 9419 8700 ext 24, or 1300 852 081 (toll free) – ask for Miko.

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