Aurizon Threatens Supreme Court Injunction Against Coal Trains Blockade

media release June 14, 2013

Coal freight company Aurizon today threatened to seek a Supreme Court injunction against community environment group Friends of the Earth over their support of a community blockade of the coal rail line through Brisbane.

“We would like the opportunity to defend our right to protest in the Supreme Court, but unfortunately don't have a large team of lawyers and deep pockets to take that course of action,” said FOE Brisbane spokesperson Bradley Smith

Friends of the Earth today confirmed that the protest would not go ahead, but vowed not to be silenced on the issue.

“We'll continue to look for ways to pressure Aurizon and the government to stop this reckless expansion of coal mining at Acland and Ebenezer and exports of uncovered wagons through Brisbane.”

“If Aurizon want to stop protests, there are three very simple steps that they can take. Put covers on coal wagons, scrap their plans to increase exports travelling through Brisbane and scrap their plans for building huge new Galilee Basin coal rail line that will lead to a boom in coal exports through the Great Barrier Reef.”

“If Aurizon's business plan is carried out, our farmland on the Darling Downs will be destroyed, Brisbane residents will face twice the noise and dust from coal and dangerous climate change will be locked in,” said Mr Smith.

“Aurizon's plans to increase coal exports may be lawful, but they certainly aren't moral and they certainly aren't in the interests of our children and future generations.”

Earlier this week, FoE sent letters to and called relevant unions and the police forewarning them of the protest and outlining proposed safety measures. FoE has asked for their cooperation with the protest action in order to ensure the safety of rail workers, community members and the police.

Contact details:

Brad Smith, Friends of the Earth Brisbane Spokesperson: 0413 280 006

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