Regional Forest Agreements fail our forests

Media Alert Wednesday 31st July 2013

A damning report into forest management by state governments, released today, reveals environmental protection standards under state governments are far lower than under federal laws, and is a sombre warning for the fate of Australia's wild places if plans to hand over federal environment powers are enacted.

“The 'One Stop Chop' report, by the Environment Defenders Office, shows that contracting forest management out to state governments is systematically failing our threatened species and iconic forests,” said Friends of the Earth Campaigns Coordinator, Cam Walker.

“Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) are the living example of what transferring federal environment powers to the states  would look like for our environment.”

“Our forests have suffered from the lack of oversight by the Federal Government, with threatened species like Victoria's critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum managed nearly into extinction.

 “The RFAs must be recognised for the disaster they are, and abandoned, and Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott need to commit to dropping all plans to turn our environment protection laws into the same One Stop Chop we have seen in our forests.”

The Report is available online at

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