Shell: Clean Up Your Mess

Shell is the largest foreign oil company in Nigeria - the oil giant has been drilling oil in the Niger delta for decades - with catastrophic consequences for the environment and the people.

Ogoniland, a region in Southern Nigeria, is most heavily contaminated by oil: oil leaks have contaminated water bodies and formerly fertile soils and the ecosystem of the mangrove forests suffers heavily from the oil pollution.

In August 2011, the Environment Program of the United Nations (UNEP) published a landmark report about the consequences of oil drilling in the Niger Delta. After more than 50 years of oil extraction, Ogoniland is heavily contaminated by oil and only large scale clean-up can restore the livelihoods of the people: in many areas, contaminated topsoil must be replaced with new soil, polluted drinking water sources must be shut down, the population must be supplied with clean water and the mangrove forests must be afforested with young plants.

However, so far, Shell has done barely anything to restore the ecosystem of Ogoniland: many fields, rivers and lakes are still covered by layers of oil. Fish farming, for many their main source of income, is in many places impossible.

It is high time that Royal Dutch Shell does everything possible to increase the speed and efficiency of the clean up of Ogoniland.

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Text of the petition:

To the chairmen and top executives of Shell worldwide:

Dear Peter Voser, CEO of Shell,

Two years ago the United Nations Environment Programme issued a list of concrete recommendations that Shell and the Nigerian government should carry out to clean up Ogoniland. I just learned that the water and soil in many parts of the Niger Delta is still heavily contaminated as a result of Shell's operations there. Environmental Rights Action (Friends of the Earth Nigeria) has reported that Shell is not doing enough to clean up the soil and water in these areas.

I therefore urge you to use your influence on your mother company Royal Dutch Shell to ensure that Shell provides sufficient resources to accelerate the clean up of the delta. Royal Dutch Shell recorded some of the highest turnovers in Europe in 2012 while the ongoing environmental destruction in Nigeria remains a serious blight on your company's reputation. Royal Dutch Shell appears to be profiting from the destruction of the environment. I urge you to do everything possible to increase the speed and efficiency of the clean up of Ogoniland.

The undersigned

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Press release, August 5, 2013

Report: Shell, clean up your mess