rally for the Reef

11am Sunday 25 August 2013 – Queens Park, Brisbane.

The Great Barrier Reef is facing the biggest, fastest and most widespread industrial development in its history. Mega-ports are proposed along the Reef’s coastline. Millions of tonnes of seafloor will be dredged and dumped back into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Angel fish. Picture courtesy: Troy Mayne

Angel fish. Picture courtesy: Troy Mayne

Thousands of coal ships will crisscross the reef each year. Climate change is already putting the Reef under pressure and these developments will put the Reef and the tourism jobs that rely on it, at even greater risk.

The reef needs stronger protection now. Our politicians need to show leadership. With the Federal election looming, it’s time to call on all sides of politics to unite to save the Great Barrier Reef. Port expansions and developments must be stopped, and the Reef protected forever.

Do you want the Reef to become an industrial zone and shipping superhighway?

Join us at this family friendly event to call on all sides of politics to unite to protect the reef.

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