Major Parties fail their nuclear test

August 19, 2013

The federal Liberal and Labor parties have scored poorly on a nuclear policy assessment released today by national environment, disarmament and medical groups.

Beyond Nuclear Initiative, Friends of the Earth, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and Medical Association for Prevention of War have collaborated to produce an election policy scorecard and website (see attached) to help inform voters about party positions on a range of nuclear issues ahead of the September 7 federal election.

Issues canvassed included uranium mining and export, support for nuclear weapons and nuclear power and radioactive waste management.

The Coalition received one tick and Labor two while Australian Greens policies scored ten out of ten.

“The major parties are out of step with many Australians and failing badly when it comes to responsible and evidence based nuclear policies. Many Australians have considered and continuing concerns and opposition that are not being recognised or reflected in policy,” said Dr Jenny Grounds from the Medical Association for Prevention of War.

“Against the backdrop of Fukushima, continuing international nuclear insecurity and the need to grow clean and sustainable energy sources the major parties simply fail the nuclear test,” said Gem Romuld from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

“Both major parties have literally wasted the chance to act transparently and responsibly on radioactive waste management,” said Beyond Nuclear Initiative coordinator Natalie Wasley. “While neither openly supports an international radioactive waste dump, they both actively support the controversial plan for a national dump at Muckaty in the NT. The Muckaty plan is inconsistent with industry best practice and Australia’s international treaty obligations and is being challenged in the Federal Court. Radioactive waste lasts longer than any politicians promise and it is time for Canberra to do things differently and better”.

Dr Jim Green from Friends of the Earth added, “It is a disgrace and an outrage that the major parties support selling uranium to countries that have not even signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is a disgrace and an outrage that both major parties support uranium sales to Russia when they know that safeguards inspections are very nearly non-existent."

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