'ecological thinning' trial in the Barmah-Millewa Forest

A proposed 'ecological thinning' trial in the Barmah-Millewa Forests is looking more likely under a new Coalition government. The trial would see logging machinery brought back into this National Park to fell Red Gum trees in nearly 400 hectares of the forest. This summary outlines some of the impacts that are likely to occur as a result of this risky scientific experiment. 

Full details here.


Please take action

You can help protect these forests for the long-term. The thinning trial has been referred to the federal government for assessment under the EPBC act. The state governments must prepare a Public Environmental Report that documents the likely impacts of the trial. Once completed, the Report will be open for public comment.

Please consider contributing half an hour of your time to prepare a short submission expressing your concerns about the trial. Friends of the Earth will make a template submission available as soon as the Public Environmental Report is released. You will be able to find this and more information at www.ourdarlingmurray.org

Take two minutes to sign our online petition to Environment Minister Greg Hunt.


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