'one stop shop' webinar

Date: Wednesday 6th November 2013 8:00PM to 9:00PM
Location: Via your computer

How a one stop shop turned into one stop chop

Tony Abbott is rushing Australia back to the 1970s with plans to put the states in charge of one stop shop environmental approvals. Instead of the Commonwealth deciding whether actions with nationally significant environmental impacts should go ahead, the states will be in control. That means actions affecting World Heritage, mega coal mines, and threatened species would be decided at state level by governments with strong pro-development agendas.

In this seminar, hear what happened when a similar arrangement put the states in charge of logging in Australia’s native forests and what it means for Australia's environmental treasures. This is essential listening for conservation groups and everyone working to protect Australia's wildlife and special places.


  • Felicity Millner, Principal Solicitor at the Environmental Defenders Office, Victoria and co-author of One Stop Chop. How regional forest agreements streamline environmental destruction
  • Margaret Blakers, Director of the Green Institute

Join in from anywhere in Australia (or elsewhere) via your computer provided it has speakers and a microphone. Cost is $6. The time is 8 pm eastern summer time (7.30 pm in SA, 7.00 pm in Qld, 6.30 pm in the NT, 5 pm in WA).

Presented by Friends of the Earth's Nature Not Negotiable campaign, MyEnvironment and the Green Institute.