Abbott RET Review puts ideology ahead of good policy

MEDIA RELEASE - 17 Feb 2014

The Abbott government's Renewable Energy Target Review, announced this afternoon, shows once again that this government puts ideology ahead of good policy.

"Tony Abbott's choice of panel members shows once again that this government puts ideology before good policy," said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth energy spokesperson.

The appointment of climate change denier Dick Warburton to head the review panel is a troubling sign for the Australian renewable energy sector.

Panel member Shirley In't Veld is former Managing Director of Verve Energy who are primarily a fossil fuel generating business--98.3 per cent their generation assets are from fossil fuels and just 1.3 per cent from renewables (source).

"Where are the panel members from the wind or solar energy sectors?," asks Leigh Ewbank.

"If the review results in less renewable energy it'll mean less jobs and less investment in Australia."

"The renewable energy sector promises to be a engine for economic growth. With the economy shedding jobs, now is not the time to wind back support for renewables."

"Renewable energy is cutting the coal power sector's profits. If the national target is softened, it'll be clear government's priority is looking after their fossil-fueled friends, not electricity consumers."

Polling shows 73 per cent of Australians think the Renewable Energy Target target is ‘about right’ or ‘not high enough’. For Coalition voters the number is 64 per cent.

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