No surprise in NHMRC review… Wind energy is clean and safe

MEDIA RELEASE. Friends of the Earth

The National Health and Medical Research Council has released its long-awaited review into wind farms and health.

The review finds no conclusive evidence linking wind farms to ill health affects.

“The NHMRC review shows, once again, that wind farms are clean and safe,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

“These findings are consistent with previous research, so should be of no surprise to anyone.”

The NHMRC review, the twentieth by a credible health body, is released just weeks after the Abbott government confirmed it would undertake its own study on wind energy and health.

“If the Abbott government pursues another study it will confirm it puts ideology ahead of good policy.”

Friends of the Earth call on Victorian Premier Denis Napthine to retract the offer of $100,000 to fund the Abbott government’s study on wind energy and health.

The Premier is committing the funds when the Victorian Department of Health published its own review which found wind energy to be safe in May, 2013.

“Will Premier Napthine retract the offer of $100,000 for funding and use it to act on the very real health risks associated with the Hazelwood fire?”

“These funds could be used to provide respite accommodation for families in the Latrobe Valley with young children or elderly family members.”

Further investigations to satisfy radical anti-wind campaign groups are a waste of taxpayer money.

“This is the final straw for anti-wind groups such as the Waubra Foundation. It’s time they accept the science that wind energy is safe.”