The Victorian government wants a coal export industry

So, where should we build the next coal mine?

In spite of the disastrous fire that raged for weeks in a coal mine in the Latrobe Valley, the state government has refused to rule out its long held plan to greatly expand coal mining in Victoria.

As was recently stated by Tom Arup, Environment editor at The Age:

“The science of climate change has become abundantly clear. The planet is warming, predominantly due to human-induced emissions from fossil fuels. That is dangerously changing weather patterns. More extremes are occurring - droughts, fires and heatwaves - and they will get worse if global emissions do not stop.

Several international bodies, including the International Energy Agency, now warn that to keep global warming to relatively safe levels, most proven global fossil-fuel reserves will have to remain in the ground”.

Yet Deputy Premier Peter Ryan – who represents the people of South Gippsland in Parliament - says the government is talking to “potential buyers of our coal and has met with several companies from Australia and Asia” to advance the proposal for an export industry.

When it comes to the prospect of a brown coal export industry, the Treasurer, Michael O’Brien says:

“Apart from the usual suspects, apart from the extreme Greens, it seems that everyone is supportive of this proposal. … Who would be opposed to a new export industry for Victoria?”

The new Minister for Energy and Resources, Russell Northe, has not yet stated his position on whether we should be expanding coal mining in Gippsland.

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Climate science clearly tells us that the time for new coal is over.

The recent fire highlighted the human cost of coal mining.

But the government is ignoring the dangers.

Please call on the Premier to listen to the community and listen to climate science. The time for new coal mining is over. The government must formally drop its plans for a coal allocation in the Latrobe Valley.

1/ Please sign our petition which calls for the government and ALP to:

·    extend the current moratorium on fracking to include any exploration activity for coal or gas.

implement a permanent ban on any new coal and gas mining operations in Victoria. Rule out any further coal allocations.

commit to re-write the Baillieu government’s anti-wind laws. These laws are stifling the development of renewable energy in our state.

provide leadership on climate change. Establish a Victorian Renewable Energy target (VRET) to compliment the national target and drive the creation of jobs and investment in the green economy that our state so desperately needs.

2/ Please tell them directly that the time for new coal is over.

Please use your own words.

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@RussellNorthe @peterryanMP @Vic_Premier  #Hazelwood fire shows the time for coal is over. Protect our farms, Rule out new coal allocations  

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Premier Napthine:
Russell Northe, Member for Morwell, Minister for Energy and Resources:
Peter Ryan, Deputy Premier, Member for South Gippsland.

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Climate science tells us that the time for coal is over. The Hazelwood fire shows us that the time for coal is over. Will your government protect our farms and our climate, and rule out new coal allocations?

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Dear Hon Premier Denis Napthine,
Hon Peter Ryan
Mr Russell Northe, Minister for Energy and Resources

I am writing to you because of my concern about the on-going threat of a coal export industry in Victoria.

Despite widespread community opposition to new coal mines and a coal export industry, your government continues to promote the idea that our state could establish a coal export industry. I note that you have deferred coal tender allocations several times. Does this mean you intend to put a stop to an export industry? Or are you just waiting until after the November state election before showing your true intention?

I expect you to state your government’s position before the November election. If you don’t I will assume you are continuing with the proposal to establish new coal mines and a coal export industry.

Yours sincerely,

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