Friends of the Earth slams $90m subsidy for Advanced Lignite Demonstration Project

Media Release – Friends of the Earth Australia

16th May 2014

Friends of the Earth today condemned the state and federal governments’ decision to allocate a $90 million subsidy towards the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Project.

Shaun Murray, Spokesperson on Coal for Friends of the Earth:

“Brown coal is one of the most emissions-intensive fossil fuel energy sources. At a time when the international scientific community is urging rich countries like Australia to lead the way with deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, it is perverse that we would be throwing public money into attempting to develop new ways to use brown coal.”

“Conservative institutions like the International Energy Agency and the World Bank are saying that in order to avoid dangerous climate change, we need to leave 70-80% of fossil fuel reserves in the ground.”

“Australia is already experiencing extreme bushfires and weather events exacerbated by climate change, and governments are adding fuel to the fire by propping up new greenhouse gas-intensive industries.”

Friends of the Earth has been supporting Latrobe Valley residents in their struggle to recover and achieve justice in relation to the Hazelwood mine fire. Latrobe Valley residents today also condemned the Napthine and Abbott governments’ decision to allocate funding towards subsidies for new coal projects in preference to dealing with the decontamination of houses impacted by coal ash in the Latrobe Valley and remediating Hazelwood coal mine.

“Through this decision, our state and federal governments are also prioritising handouts to fossil fuel companies before the immediate safety of Latrobe Valley residents who are attempting to recover after the Hazelwood fire. Despite being caused by a lack of government oversight, there has been very little assistance from the government to help residents recover, or to plan for remediation of the mine.”



·         Shaun Murray, Spokesperson on Coal, Friends of the Earth Australia: 0402 337077