Climate Proofing Your Investments: making your money fossil free

Are your personal finances helping to damage the climate? Chances are they are, without you even knowing it. Do you have a bank deposit? Are you a member of a super fund? Do you own shares? If so, your money is probably being used to finance the companies that extract, transport and burn coal, oil and gas and cause climate change. Emissions from fossil fuels are the main cause of climate change – threatening damage to ecosystems, human health and economies.

FoE affiliate Market Forces and commissioned The Australia Institute to produce a report outlining the steps individuals can take to switch to ‘fossil fuel free’ finance options. Encouragingly the report found that it can involve little cost or risk to your financial wealth, while protecting your finances from the long term risks of the carbon bubble.

The findings from the report are summarised below or you can download the full report here.

Further details here.