Alice Doesn’t live here Anymore!

At the heart of our country is a sacred symbol.

Jutting from the land, Uluru is a deeply spiritual place in a part of our country that has not yet been spoiled by the poisons that come with gas fracking. To think a water parched landscape could be damaged by poisoned water is bizarre. All Australians should make their voices heard before the NT government opens the way to this industry. Unconventional gas drilling will lay land bare and scarred for short term profit and a trifecta of polluting the air, the water and the land. Imagine a landscape altered by drill rigs across the heart of the land.

But you can voice your concerns and here is how. It’s simple, it quick and every single submission makes the voice of Australians opposed to fracking louder.

A Public Inquiry into hydraulic fracturing has been announced by the NT Chief Minister. FoE Australia joins with Territorian environment groups to encourage all Australian to make a submission by June 30.

Submissions may be provided electronically to: [email protected] or posted to:
The Commissioner
Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry
c/- GPO Box 4204
Darwin NT 0801

Some Handy Hints:
* 90% of NT is under active exploration or application for petroluem or gas
* the majority of this is unconventional and shale gas and will require hydraulic fracturing
* Amadeus Basin (the source of Alice Springs water) is a priority region for gas exploration in the NT
* Fracking has been identified as a contamination threat to groundwater supplies both in Australia and internationally
* Other concerns include environmental degradation, issues of waste disposal, the fact that large volumes of water are required in the fracking process, a range of chemicals are used in fracking, health concerns, fugitive emissions, and climate impacts.
* NT has the weakest water regulations in Australia
* It only takes one faulty drilling well to pollute an aquifer.

For further information on the inquiry, check here.

And check here for background information on the threat of gas drilling.