Save our Food Bowl, Water and Tourism

Rally saturday August 2nd

Parliament House Adelaide, followed by a march to Victoria Square

Commencing at 10 am

South Australia has only 4.6% agricultural land outside of pastoral areas. Our farming production areas are being invaded by shale gas exploration in the South East of SA, mineral exploration and proposed mining for iron ore, copper and other minerals on Eyre Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula. Plus oil and gas exploration is being allowed off shore near Kangaroo Island, only around 10 km off the coastline.

These exploration and proposed projects are a major threat to our groundwater aquifers, surface water, soil and air. We want to maintain our clean, green food bowl, water and tourism which should be held in trust for generations to come.
Currently, land owners in South Australia have virtually NO rights to say NO to mining and petroleum exploration on their properties, even if they don't want it. This is unfair!  We want the laws changed to protect our food bowl.

On Saturday, 2nd August, a rally and march will be held in Adelaide to help support and protect our agricultural, viticultural and ocean communities. We strongly urge everyone in rural areas as well as city areas to come and join us.

9.45 a.m. we will be meeting on the steps of Parliament House. Some short speeches will commence at 10 a.m. followed by a march to Victoria Square. People are encouraged to stay for a picnic lunch or purchase food from nearby, e.g. Central Market, once the march is completed. The rally and march will be orderly and law abiding. The Adelaide City Council will provide parking for any farm machinery e.g. tractors, trucks, if people would like to bring them.
Please let Anne Daw know if you can bring any farm machinery, so that provisions for parking can be made with the City Council.  [email protected]

Find out more about us:

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