Unconventional gas, oil and coal mining threatens SA

Most of South East South Australia is under exploration license for Unconventional Gas and Oil. The South Australian government’s “Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA” outlines the government and industry vision to allow exploration and extraction of shale gas, coal seam gas and tight gas in 35% of the state. Tenements cover arid zone areas as well as populated regional areas, and important farmland.

The experience in other states is that this is a deeply destructive industry that cannot co-exist peacefully with other land use like farming, conservation or tourism.

The best chance to knock this industry off is before it gets established in new areas.

However, the major Parties have voted against a 2 year moratorium on fracking. Until the government and community understand the impacts of gas drilling on water quality, soil health, climate change and local economies, it would be unwise to proceed with allowing this industry into new areas.


What is planned for SA?

Check this vision statement and update from the SA Chamber of Mines and Energy or the SA government’s Roadmap for unconventional gas projects in SA.


Get active

Save our Food Bowl, Water and Tourism

Come along to the rally at Parliament House in Adelaide on Saturday August 2.

Details here.

Support a local group

Limestone Coast Protection Alliance  www.protectlimestonecoast.org.au
Stop Invasive Mining Group  Bronte Gregurke   [email protected]
Yorke Peninsula Land Owners Group   http://yplandowners.com.au

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What is possible?

In Victoria, community campaigning has forced the state government to put a moratorium on the process of fracking and a halt on all approvals for onshore drilling until 2015.

Community groups in Victoria continue to campaign for a full ban on new mining and drilling on farmland and in conversation zones.