Take the Green Pledge

The Green Pledge is a new Friends of the Earth campaign that involves taking 5 personal actions for one week to limit your carbon emissions to 50% of the average Australian. By getting friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts, you can raise awareness and funds to help tackle climate change. This year it is taking place from the 17th-23rd of October.. Check out The Green Pledge website here! 

To take part is easy, you must choose at least five pledges from the following options:

  1. Transport - getting around solely by foot, bicycle and local public transport. This means no planes, long distance trips or cars, people.
  2. Veg Out - eating tasty veg food.
  3. Second hand consumption - ideally you won't be consuming any new products! BUT, if necessary, you can buy second hand items (includes clothes, furniture, electronic appliances)
  4. Rug up / Strip off - this means not using heating or air conditioning
  5. 2 minute showers daily
  6. Put your bank on notice - The big four banks are loaning billions of dollars to destructive coal projects, time to send them a powerful message and divest
  7. Get green power - Green power is a great way to cut down on emissions long term
  8. Zero waste week - simply create no waste, includes no food packaging
  9. Write 3 letters - Activism has always been a driver for positive change. Write letters to your MP and local media about climate change
  10.  JUST BE CREATIVE - if you've got any cool ideas then go for it!

We hope that beyond the week, participants will adopt some of these changes into their everyday lifestyle. Funds raised will go directly to our campaigns.
These range from Yes 2 Renewables, which campaigns for strong investment in renewable energy, to Quit Coal, which is leading the way in ensuring coal mining and Coal Seam Gas explorations are halted