Latest climate science: we need transformation with equity

The final report in a year-long series from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been released.

The report:

  • Confirms the certainty of human-driven climate change.
  • Warns of the current, worsening impacts and devastating impacts in future.
  • Outlines the transformation we need to avoid such dangers.

The main takeaway message for decision makers is this: governments can no longer just be talking about emissions reductions, they need to work towards a complete phase out out of fossil fuel emissions globally.

The IPCC makes it clear that emissions need to go to zero if the world is to keep global warming below the internationally agreed limit of 2 Degrees C.

Carbon budget

Climate scientists have previously worked out how much carbon we have left to burn if we’re to avoid an unacceptable level of global warming.

To keep to this carbon budget, we need to make deep cuts to our global greenhouse gas emissions. And do it quickly.

However, the IPCC reports say nothing of how to fairly share these cuts between countries.

Equity in Paris

The next major climate talks will be held in Paris, December 2015. At these talks Governments need to know what emissions cuts their countries must make.

Friends of the Earth is calling for the IPCC to complete an equity report in time for the talk in Paris. To inform Governments' decisions, it should recommend how the remaining carbon budget should be fairly split between countries.

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