Australian fossil fuel companies in Indonesia. Whose gain, whose loss?

Stories from Indonesia's front lines fight against big coal!

As the G20 prepares to meet take advantage of a unique opportunity to meet, listen to and dialogue with campaigner Arie Rompas as he and others in Friends of the Earth Indonesia challenge the activities of “big coal” from Australia.

Date & time: Thursday 13 November, 5.15 – 6.45pm Venue: Justice Place, 5 Abingdon St, Woolloongabba (5 mins walk from Park Rd railway station or Boggo Rd bus station).

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The project

BHP plans to open its massive Indomet coal project in a region that boasts rainforests of global significance for their biodiversity, and supports hundreds of thousands of people living and farming on the catchment downstream. The current push to open up Central Kalimantan’s forests to potentially one of the largest coal mines on the planet should be a serious cause for concern among Australians and Indonesians alike.

Arie Rompas

Executive Director of the Central Kalimantan Branch of WALHI. Arie is from the Upper Barito Basin in Central Kalimantan, the focus of a massive push to expand the export coal industry in Indonesian Borneo, largely initiated by Australian companies. He works on issues surrounding coal and extractives, deforestation and palm oil expansion, climate change mitigation and foreign aid, and land rights for customary and marginalised communities.


Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (Indonesian Forum for the Environment) was founded in 1980 and joined the Friends of the Earth International family in 1989. WALHI is the largest and oldest environmental advocacy NGO in Indonesia, uniting more than 479 NGO's and 156 individuals throughout Indonesia's vast archipelago, with independent offices and grassroots constituencies located in 27 of the nation's 31 provinces. WALHI has consistently been at the forefront of environmental debates in Indonesia, working on a wide range of issues. These include agrarian conflict over access to natural resources, Indigenous and peasants rights, coastal and marine issues, and deforestation. WALHI also has several cross cutting issues such as climate change, women and disaster risk management.

Presneted by Friends of the Earth Brisbane.

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