Chain Reaction #122

Published three times a year, Chain Reaction is the national magazine of Friends of the Earth Australia.

The summer 2014/15 edition is now available on line. It has a feature on the attacks on environmental organisations in Australia that is being driven by right wing think tanks, some in the resources sector, and conservative politicians.

To download Chain Reaction #122 (Nov 2014) as a PDF file click here or to read articles online click here.

  • Malaysian eco-activists combat repression
  • Nanomaterials in food packaging: FSANZ fails consumers again
  • Throwing precaution to the wind: the government's attempts to thwart the regulation of synthetic biology
  • Working for water justice in the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Small-is-beautiful nuclear rhetoric fading fast
  • Historical pesticide monitoring of Victorian waterways – A jigsaw with many missing pieces
  • Maules Creek mine: front-line action on coal
  • The search for oil and gas continues − but at what cost?
  • If irradiated food is glowingly good – why not label it?
  • Yes 2 Renewables
  • Farmlands Not Gaslands
  • Island Voices, Global Choices
  • Why renewable energy matters
  • Renewable energy is ready to supply all of Australia's electricity
  • Maralinga: a chilling exposé
  • And loads more!