Shocking footage shows koalas caught in logging

Friends of the Earth has been alarmed to see that koalas are still be impacted on by plantation logging in South West Victoria. Recent footage sent to Friends of the Earth shows a koala with baby being felled inside a plantation owned by the Cayman Islands based, Australian Bluegum Plantations Pty Ltd.
Friends of the Earth is asking for urgent donations to help us keep raising concerns over koala mis-management in Victoria's South West. 50% of donations will allow FoE to send people to visit the region, consult with locals and gather more information. The other 50% will be sent directly to animal carers in the area to help them with their costs of finding and rescuing animals. With Friends of the Earth support local concerns have now gone global after a series of media reports in the first week of February.
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Hundreds of koalas are likely to be impacted over the next year.
For more information on the background of the problem see here:

This is the same company that provoked international outrage in 2013 with the deaths and injuries of many koalas in south west Victoria.
A petition organised by Rainforest Rescue in Europe was presented to the Victorian State Government in November 2013. 85,000 signed the petition asking for a resolution to the koala problem.
It appears that any resolution has not resolved the problem.
Friends of the Earth fears that thousands of koalas will be killed or injured in the next few years as the south west Victorian plantation resource is logged.
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