The Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret trade agreement that will adversely affect the environment, worker’s rights, cost of medicines, internet freedoms, food safety, intellectual property rights and indigenous rights.

The trade deal includes twelve countries and is seen as a ‘launch pad’ agreement with more countries expected to join. The TPP covers 40% of global trade and will impact 800 million people in the partnering Nations. The TPP is being negotiated behind closed doors in secret.  The content of the deal will only being released to our elected representatives and the public once it has been signed off on. This agreement is not only undemocratic but would also open the possibility of transnational corporations suing the Australian government, with the possible loss of billions of taxpayer dollars.

How the TPP will impact us all

  • The TPP empowers corporations to sue governments for environmental and health measures they do not like
  • The TPP limits access to medicines by extending monopoly protections for pharmaceutical giants
  • The TPP prioritises large-scale corporate agriculture (GMOs, antibiotics, etc) over sustainable local farming
  • The TPP restricts Internet innovation and increases the surveillance of online interactions
  • The TPP undermines Indigenous rights and human rights
  • The TPP will create a race to the bottom on working conditions, environmental standards and all kinds of public regulations
  • THE TPP is bad for our farmers and bad for the Environment

The TPP grants foreign investor rights that are far more sweeping than rights provided in Australian law through a process called Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). The TPP’s ISDS chapter would authorise international tribunals to order payment of millions or billions of taxpayer dollars in compensation to big corporations when environmental and other public interest safeguards interfere with their expected future profits. The tribunals are secret and once a decision is made there is no right of appeal. Such lawsuits underway:

  • The Quebec government is being sued for $158 million dollars for banning fracking
  •  The German government is being sued for its choice to phase out nuclear power stations by Swedish corporation Vattenfall, in a projected billion euro lawsuit
  • Tobacco giant Phillip Morris is already launching a lawsuit against the Australian government in relation to the introduction of plain-packaging laws, the TPP would open the door to similar lawsuits under the TPP ISDS clause. 
  • There are over 550 known pending ISDS suits underway, costing a potential six billion dollars

What we want

Friends of the Earth is calling on the Australian Government to:

  • Stop the secret TPP negotiations
  • Release the text for public scrutiny
  • Debate and vote on the signing of the TPP through our elected representatives in Parliament
  • Remove ISDS components from the TPP and all future trade & treaty agreements
  • Affirm the commitment to ensuring no corporations should have more power than that of the Australian Government and its citizens.

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