RET announcement devastating for jobs, investment, climate action

Friends of the Earth is deeply disappointed that the Abbott government's refusal to back renewable energy has lead to today's outcome on the Renewable Energy target (RET).

"Today, the Abbott government has agreed to cut the Renewable Energy Target by 20 percent. This means less clean energy, less jobs, and less investment for Australia," says Friends of the Earth's Yes 2 Renewables coordinator, Leigh Ewbank.

"2,500 renewable energy jobs have been lost on PM Tony Abbott's watch. This cut to the RET means 3,680 less jobs by 2020."

"The Labor party has pledged to increase the renewables target next time it forms government. Voters will remember the Coalition's attack on renewables. Tony Abbott's RET cut will be an election liability."

"The federal government has failed the community. Now's the time for state government leadership to grow the sector and protect jobs."

"We are pleased to see that the Daniel Andrews govt has called on the Abbott govt to remove barriers standing in the way of state leadership on renewables. We hope this translates into a commitment for a meaningful state RET (a VRET).