Support FoE and support green energy at the same time.

With the continued attempts by the federal government to undermine the Renewable Energy Target (RET), we need to stay focused on federal politics to ensure the best possible policy environment for the uptake of renewable power.

But there is a role for us as consumers as well. By purchasing green power (energy from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro) we are helping create a strong economic environment that will drive further investment.

FoE has partnered with Community Climate Chest or ‘C3’ to give households and businesses access to cheaper, tax-deductible GreenPower. FoE benefits by receiving a 10% donation from all GreenPower transactions. The C3 model meshes well with FoE's philosophy as it is a community-run not for profit (NFP) organisation, which is administered by another NFP, the Alternative Technology Association.

Your GreenPower is sourced through ACXargyle, an accredited GreenPower provider. You can select the source of the energy if you want to as you sign up.


Shift your retailer and select green electricity

Most of the major energy retailers are heavily involved in the coal and unconventional gas industries. A number of them have actively undermined the RET. The best way to influence them is to take away your financial support.

The major energy production companies - Energy Australia, AGL and Origin – are three of Australia’s ‘top ten’ carbon polluters (Source: ACF), and AGL and Origin are ranked amongst the worst of the retailers by Greenpeace and the Total Environment Centre. They all have power retail arms, which means that you, as a consumer, can send them a direct message that you don't support them investing in fossil fuels.


Make the change

Many FoE members and supporters have already shifted their retailer. Many have solar panels, and some are off grid. For those of you who have not yet made the move, here's a great chance to reduce your carbon footprint, send a message to the retailers, and help FoE at the same time.

C3 does not offer a retail option – so this campaign works in two parts.

  • If you are with Origin, Energy Australia, Simply Energy, Alinta, PowerDirect or AGL, then shift your account to one of the companies not involved in coal and gas (see list below).

  • Then log on to the C3 website and select a package of green energy to meet your needs.


Suggested retailers

NB: FoE does not have a financial connection with any of these companies. We have listed them based on the Greenpeace/ TEC assessment on the Green Electricity Guide website.


Powershop is the Australian retail arm of New Zealand-based public company Meridian Energy.


Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy is a privately owned company partly owned by US-based solar-panel manufacturer SunPower.


Red Energy

Red Energy is owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, a corporation which is in turn owned by the New South Wales, Victorian and Commonwealth governments.


Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy is wholly owned by the Tasmanian Government and sells the energy from Tasmania's hydro dams.


Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, which is Australia's largest owner of renewable energy generation.


You can find out more on each of these companies on the Green Electricity Watch website.

The seven criteria used in the Green Electricity Watch guide to rank power companies:

  • Investments in fossil fuels or renewables

  • The carbon emissions intensity of assets

  • Support for - or hostility to - Australia’s Renewable Energy Target

  • Solar offers

  • GreenPower products

  • Whether or not they invest in coal seam gas other unconventional gas

  • Commitment to not buying electricity generated by burning native forest products


If you've already shifted your power retailer, then please consider other ways you can support FoE's work on climate change.