22 groups call on QLD Govt to reject Acland coal mine

This week Queensland Conservation Council with over 20 civil society and environment organisations has sent an open letter to Queensland Parliamentarians urging them to say NO to Acland Coal Mine Stage 3.

In an open letter released today, the groups state “Queensland has an important choice about our future – protect prime agricultural land that is the food bowl of our state, or prop up the unsustainable coal industry.”

The letter highlights the risks to local farmers and the loss of prime agricultural land, the negative impacts on ground water and the increased carbon pollution from burning coal.

The groups asks Queensland Parliamentarians to reject New Acland Stage 3 and explains, “Queenslanders are already feeling the impacts of global warming and will stand to lose much if prime agriculture land is lost to coal mining. The undersigned believe that it is in all our interests to say NO to Acland Stage 3.”

Frank Ashman, spokesperson Water at Risk and local landowner, said today, “Our cattle survive on water from bores below ground and part of the sub artesian basin. When coal is mined, there are significant negative impacts on groundwater meaning our water is at risk.”

Paul King, spokesperson from Darling Downs Environment, said, “This areas covers some of the most productive farmland in Australia. We don’t believe Queensland’s food bowl should be sacrficied for short-term mining interests. There are more jobs in renewable energy than coal mining.”

John Gordon, spokesperson from Stop Brisbane Coal Trains, said, “The mine expansion will see a near doubling in the number of uncovered coal trains transiting through Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba to the Port of Brisbane - along with the inevitable air and noise pollution”.

The coal burnt from Acland will cause dangerous global warming. This mine will contribute 17 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year. We need to keep coal in the ground if we are going to avoid global warming and all its consequences including hotter weather, increased floods, more intense storms and cyclones” concluded Kirsten Macey, spokesperson for the Queensland Conservation Council.

The 22 Civil Society and Environment Groups calling on QLD Parliamentarians to say no to New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 include:

Queensland Conservation Council,  Stop Coal Trains Brisbane, Oakey Coal Action Alliance, The Wilderness Society, AYCC, 350.org, Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council, Protect the Bush Alliance, Birds Queensland, BirdLife Southern Queensland, Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Just Transitions Group Brisbane, GetUP!, The Australia Institute, SEED - Indigenous youth climate network, Darling Downs Environment Council, Clean Air Queensland, Gecko - Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council, Sustainability Queensland, Frontline Action on Coal.