Friends of the Earth Adelaide's Campaign Against Nuclear Expansion

The SA Government has launched a Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle in the hope of garnering support for an expansion of the nuclear industry. The terms of reference and the makeup of the commission and its experts are clearly biassed towards expanding the industry.
We believe this is an attempt to soften up the public for the creation of a nuclear waste dump for high-level waste from overseas.

FoE Adelaide are proud to announce the launch of the Campaign Against Nuclear Expansion

We believe that renewable energy is the best alternative to fossil fuels and SA is not the place for a nuclear waste dump, an enrichment facility or expansion of uranium mining.

How you can help

If you’ve got time, or skills to help in the campaign, contact FoE Adelaide or meet fellow campaigners upstairs at Kappy’s Tea & Coffee Merchants at 1/22 Compton Street, Adelaide, between 5 and 6pm Mondays.
Keep up to date on events by 
joining the FoE anti-nuke google newsgroup (email [email protected] and ask to subscribe), or subscribe to the fortnightly email from FoE Adelaide (form on website, bottom left).
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If you’ve got a busy job and can afford it, please contribute to the CANE fund, either with a one-off donation, or a regular contribution (eg $10, $20 or $50) for several weeks or months.  Here’s an online donation form

FoE Adelaide Plans

Friends of the Earth Adelaide have hired a part-time campaigner to respond to the Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, highlighting how we wish to keep our state nuclear-free. They’ll also note opportunities to interact with the Royal Commission and campaign for renewables.

  • We’ve already allocated $5000 towards the campaign, but we hope to raise more funds to extend the campaign into the public arena.

  • When we reach $15,000, we’ll extend the hours of our campaigner, and provide financial support for FoE Australia’s Nuclear Campaigner Dr Jim Green, so that he can focus on the Royal Commission at key stages of its process.

  • Reaching $20,000, we can also prepare and circulate leaflets about key issues and counter some of the pro-nuclear propaganda.

  • With $30,000, we’ll be able to start a series of big public meetings on the issues, focussing not just on the dangers of nuclear power/waste, but also boosting the case for expanding the state’s use of renewables.

  • $40,000 would let us employ a campaigner full-time, perhaps organising visits from international experts and canvassing key electorates, surveying their preferences for an energy future.

Our local campaigner will track the Royal Commission activities, plan our campaign, arrange public meetings, disseminate information, build our membership and coordinate volunteers.

The battle in South Australia is highly relevant to all Australians as it has been suggested that SA host a dump site for the world’s high level nuclear waste.

If you would like to give a one-off or ongoing donation you can use  the online form at
Donations are tax deductible.