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Calls for international moratorium on underground coal gasification following immediate ban in Queensland, Australia


APRIL 18, 2016: Responding to the breaking news that the State Government of Queensland in Australia has just implemented an immediate ban on all underground coal gasification in that State, Chloe Aldenhoven, Coal and Gas Spokesperson for Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia said:

"These kind of radical and dangerous mining techniques show the desperation of a fossil fuel industry going into decline.

“We need an international moratorium on this madman technology before it inflicts any more damage on people and the environment."

“As they anticipate the inevitable transition to renewable energy, mining companies are inflicting increasingly reckless and environmentally damaging mining techniques on communities.

“Already we have seen Underground Coal Gasification miner Linc Energy go into administration after contaminating over 150 square kilometres of farmland in Queensland in order to avoid paying reparations to landholders.

“We cannot let agricultural land and natural environments become the collateral damage of these high risk experiments, especially when we have safe, renewable energy options available. 

“Its time to build on the momentum of the Underground Coal Gasification moratorium in Scotland and this Queensland ban with an international moratorium. 

Media Contact: Chloe Aldenhoven, Coal and Gas Campaigner, Friends of Earth (Australia) E: [email protected] P: +61 432 328 107

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