Climate Justice

2013 – time to stop the onshore coal and gas industry in Victoria

In 2012, community concern about the threat of new coal and gas operations, especially coal seam gas (CSG), pushed the state government to ban the use of dangerous BTEX chemicals and place a moratorium on the process of fracking for gas.

The moratorium will finish shortly and the government has made it clear it wants to see renewed expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

And our job just got harder - mining magnate Gina Rinehart has now bought into Victorian coal and gas exploration.

Let's talk about coal

We, the undersigned, call on Australia to cease the expansion of coal exports from this country and join efforts to prevent global warming running out-of-control and destroying lives and livelihoods here and abroad.

It is now well understood that heatwaves, fires, floods and droughts are expected to
become more frequent and more intense in the coming decades as the planet warms.

new project: 'Market forces' - shifting investment away from environmentally harmful projects

Market forces is a new project starting in 2013. It will enable the community to shift investment out of environmentally harmful projects, and into those that protect and enhance the environment.

UN Climate Talks: Urgent Progress Still Not in Sight

While delegates from around the world prepare to meet for the annual United Nations climate talks in Doha next week, Friends of the Earth International expressed strong concerns over the continued lack of progress by developed countries which are supposed to take the lead to stop climate devastation and avoid catastrophic climate change [1].

community members occupy Jondaryan coal dump

Samuel Robb and Bradley Smith on the coal dump

This morning Friends of the Earth and Residents from Jondaryan and Oakey called for the end of the Jondaryan coal dump with two people scaling New Hope's 30 metre high pile of coal and dropping a banner. After half an hour on top of the coal dump, the two were arrested and removed from the coal dump site.  

The coal dump is 1.5km from the town of Jondaryan and coal dust is contaminating the air and water of the locals. New Hope Coal recently applied for an expansion of what was supposed to be a 'temporary' coal dump.

New group to build community support for wind energy in Victoria

Media Release 10 October 2012

The Victorian Wind Alliance was launched today, with organisers calling on Victorians who support wind energy to use town meetings and social media to make their voices heard.

Victorian Wind Alliance member, Taryn Lane of Hepburn Wind, said, ‘The Victorian Wind Alliance is being formed in response to a call from communities across the state who support more wind energy.

What energy future do you want?

Ted Baillieu’s 2011 planning laws ban wind farms from large parts of Victoria, and just one objector can stop any wind turbine within 2km.

Wind farms create income for farmers and communities. They do not have pollution or health hazards like coal. They share benefits across large sections of the state. We could have new jobs in manufacturing, construction and maintenance here in Victoria if wind projects were allowed to go ahead.

Government walks away from coal closure promise

The Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson has announced that the Government is walking away from its promise to shut down some of our dirtiest, oldest coal power stations. Hazelwood, long a target of campaigners in Victoria, was expected to be closed under the 'contract for closure' process.

Friends of the Earth condemns dropping of carbon price floor

Media Release 29 August 2012

Yesterday’s announcement by the government to cut the floor price for carbon represents another significant watering down of the environmental and democratic credibility of the scheme according to Friends of the Earth Australia, a leading environmental justice organisation.

“Greg Combet’s announcement represents a major cave in to the interests of polluting industries which have been calling for drastic cuts to the carbon tax,” said Gareth Bryant from Friends of the Earth Sydney.

Climate-change-related Displacement and Resettlement in the Pacific


Saturday 1 September, 9.30 – 3.30pm
Kurilpa Hall, 174 Boundary St, West End
Free event – light lunch will be served.

Our hoped for outcomes from the day are some clear directions for action and advocacy, particularly in relation to Australian government policy, but also in the public arena and in wider international forums.

Confirmed presenters to date

Peter Emberson


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