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Date: Wednesday 6th November 2013 8:00PM to 9:00PM
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How a one stop shop turned into one stop chop

Sustainable Tropical Timber mostly a mirage, says new report

MEDIA RELEASE Date October 25, 2013

Deforestation of Southeast Asian rainforests and logging-related human rights violations are major problems compounded by global over-consumption of tropical timber products and by inadequate laws and purchasing policies, according to a new Friends of the Earth International report released today. [1]

Stand Up For Nature

  The Coalition intends to ‘streamline assessments and approvals’ processes for major development projects. It says it will set up a ‘one-stop shop’ for environmental approvals to cut what Mr Abbott calls ‘green tape’ (but what most of us call environmental protection).

  Under these changes, State Governments would be given sweeping powers to assess and approve major development projects. If implemented, these changes would be a disaster for our nation's environment and wildlife.

The Extinction crisis – and the environment policy no-show

Media release
5 September 2013

Just two days out from the federal election, and with no sign of a comprehensive biodiversity and environment policy from either Prime Minister Rudd or Tony Abbott, threatened species habitat continues to fall to the chainsaws – against the latest vocal opposition from leading scientists warning of an extinction crisis.

Lawyers warn on Rudd and Abbott no show on environment

Media Alert 3 September 2013

Leading lawyers and legal academics have today cautioned Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott about the looming extinction crisis and the need to commit to ensuring federal environment laws aren't weakened at the request of big business.

Coalition dodges question on parks policy

Friends of the Earth Melbourne
Media Release 3rd September, 2013

Victorian Liberal and National candidates in the upcoming federal election have failed to respond to a community survey about the future management of National Parks in the Riverina area.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne wrote to all Victorian candidates in August asking about their position on plans to conduct ‘ecological thinning’ inside the Barmah-Millewa National Park, and to transfer federal environmental decision-making powers to the states.

Regional Forest Agreements fail our forests

Media Alert Wednesday 31st July 2013

A damning report into forest management by state governments, released today, reveals environmental protection standards under state governments are far lower than under federal laws, and is a sombre warning for the fate of Australia's wild places if plans to hand over federal environment powers are enacted.

Logging plan highlights danger of Coalition rule

Media Release, 13th May, 2013
A NSW Upper House Committee's call to open National Parks for logging demonstrates that Australians cannot trust Coalition governments to care for our unique protected areas, national Environment group Friends of the Earth says.

bio-fuels: the new threat to native forests

It’s the next wave of destruction for our native forests. The forestry and energy industries are now poised to unleash their plans to feed our forests into furnaces to produce electricity, convert them into bio-fuels, and into pellets for export.  This will mean more destruction of forests and their wildlife, and release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

Industry calls this ‘renewable energy’.  It wants the government to help pay for it in the form of ‘renewable energy certificates’ and other subsidies at the community’s expense.

Support our petition to keep the loggers out of Red Gum National Parks.

The Red Gum forests of Barmah-Millewa - along the banks of Australia's iconic Murray River - are a haven for threatened species and a homeland of deep significance to Indigenous Traditional Owners.

This rich landscape of forests, wetlands, floodplains and woodlands is internationally significant. Together, the Barmah forests, on the Victorian side of the Murray and the Millewa forest, in NSW, comprise the world's largest red gum forest.  The forest is also a RAMSAR listed wetland, supporting globally significant populations of rare and threatened bird species.


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