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Climate change impacts on central Victoria

In the lead-up to the Bendigo in a Warming Future forum, which will be held in Bendigo on June 15, a fieldtrip hosted by local ecologists highlighted the impacts of climate change which are already being felt in northern Victoria.

Warning on local climate      

Climate change is already taking its toll locally. During a field trip to Bell Swamp and Mount Alexander on Friday, local ecologists pointed out examples of the impact on the region’s ecology.

Prime Minister must reject anti-democratic attack on environmental groups

Friends of the Earth Australia.

2016 Budget a wasted opportunity to act on environment

Anyone who had hoped that the Turnbull government would be significantly different to the Abbott government on environmental issues will be very disappointed by the 2016 budget.

“Many people had hoped Prime Minister Turnbull would stare down the far Right elements of his government and deliver a fair and reasonable budget that offered meaningful action on the environment. But spending on the environment is forecast to fall by 17% by 2019-20.

2016 - a big year for nuclear issues in South Australia

The Nuclear Royal Commission continues its investigations and will hand down the final report in May. The Commission is looking into the risks and opportunities of furthering a nuclear industry here in SA including increased uranium mining, uranium enrichment, nuclear power and dumping international nuclear waste. 

Transcanada's Keystone XL Suit illustrates problem with TPP, Trade deals

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret trade agreement that will adversely affect the environment, worker’s rights, cost of medicines, internet freedoms, food safety, intellectual property rights and indigenous rights.

Introducing the GM–Free Australia Alliance

The GM–Free Australia Alliance has joined FoE Australia as an affiliate member. Welcome aboard! For a full list of our affiliates, please check here.

The GM–Free Australia Alliance Inc is an independent not-for-profit alliance of groups and individuals sharing common concerns about the threat of Genetic Manipulation (GM) of food and crops in Australia.

Trans Pacific Partnership - Release the Text

Melbourne community groups and unions have joined the International week of action against the TPP, staging a rally outside the office of Veolia in Melbourne.

Under the ISDS Clauses in “Free” Trade Agreements foreign corporations can sue sovereign governments where they claim domestic laws and regulations may diminish their profits. Workers’ wages and conditions, health and safety are not exempt.

Withdraw the Radicalisation Awareness Kit

The Australian government has recently released a booklet designed for use in schools called the Radicalisation Awareness Kit.

(Another) attack on environment groups

UPDATE - MAY 2016:

The final report from the House of Reps Inquiry into the tax status of green groups was released on May 4. It is available here.

New Polar Code fails to protect Antarctic waters

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition today voiced its disappointment over the lack of any significant new provisions in Part II of the Polar Code that  would adequately protect the Antarctic environment from shipping.  The London-based UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) today adopted Part II of the Polar Code concerning pollution prevention.


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