Basin Plan sells science and communities down the river

Friends of the Earth. Media release. 22 November 2012.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne has condemned the final Murray Darling Basin Plan, announced by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke today, as a sell-out plan that defies the best available science and imposes unacceptable risks on future generations.

Friends of the Earth spokesperson Will Mooney said "Mr Burke has only committed to 2,750 GL to the Murray Basin river system".

an update from the Deep Sea Mining campaign

The Deep Sea Mining campaign launches new report that blows Nautilus out of the water

Stronger action needed to save the Murray Darling Basin

Friends of the Earth media release 26 October 2012

Recognition of Indigenous Values essential for fair Plan

Friends of the Earth (FoE) have called for bold and ambitious action to save the Murray Darling Basin, following Prime Minister Julia Gillard's announcement today of new funding to provide an additional 450 billion litres (gigalitres) of environmental flows in the river system.

Adelaide residents drinking possibly carcinogenic compound at unsafe levels.


Environmental organisation Friends of the Earth today released a report about drinking water quality issues in South Australia. The report was compiled from a 9000 page Freedom of Information request from SA Water which covered water quality results between January 2000 and July 2012.

Water used for export cotton dwarfs Cubbie entitlement: new study

Friends of the Earth media release. Thursday 20 September 2012

Twice as much water as Cubbie Station’s giant 460 gigalitre (GL) water entitlement is effectively sent overseas every year in the form of irrigated cotton from the Murray-Darling, according to new research released today by Friends of the Earth.

The analysis compiled Australian government data on annual cotton exports and irrigation water use from 2005 to 2011 and calculates the volume of water embodied in Australia’s export cotton crop.

Gender Bending Pesticides In Melbourne's Drinking Water?

Gender-bending chemicals have been detected in the off take of Melbourne's Sugarloaf Reservoir.  The herbicides Atrazine and Simazine, used in the production of food crops in the Yarra Valley, have recently been detected in Yarra River source water at levels in breach of European Water protection standards and also at levels that have been know to induce hermaphrodisation in frogs. Sugarloaf Reservoir provides drinking water to almost 40% of Melbourne's population [almost 7% of Australia's population].

Plan fails half Basin’s international wetlands

Friends of the Earth / Australian Conservation Foundation

Pesticides and Melbourne's Drinking Water: New Report Released

June 6 2012

Friends of the Earth (FoE) today released a new report investigating risks associated with pesticides in Melbourne's drinking water.

The report focuses on Sugarloaf Reservoir, Melbourne's only reservoir that is supplied from the Yarra River, downstream of one of Australia's most intensively farmed (and sprayed) regions. Sugarloaf supplies drinking water to over 1.5 million Melbournians living in the north and west of the city.

pesticides and drinking water in Tasmania

Friends of the Earth has launched a brief report on the state of Tasmania’s drinking water, which is available here.

The report is part of a longer term strategy to tie in research from across Australia regarding drinking water issues.

The information was sourced from three Right to Information requests from Southern Water, Ben Lomond Water and Cradle Mountain Water.

The information was only sourced from July 2009 to April 2012.


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