Chain Reaction #119 - November 2013

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Election aftermath: Full speed in reverse (Cam Walker)

FoE Australia News

Looking for Matakupay – The Platypus Project (Patrick Simmons)

Reefwalk 2013 (June Norman)

Boycott reforms target environmentalists (Julian Brezniak and Lewis d'Avigdor)

Energy freedom on or off the grid? (Ben Courtice)

ACCC fails to tackle misleading conduct in sunscreen industry (Louise Sales)

Wandoan coal project scrapped (John Hepburn)

Dim future for coal, report finds

Forest Stewardship Council fails rainforest protection in Victoria (Anthony Amis)

Carbon markets and the failed promise of new green gold: plantation forestry in Uganda (Kristen Lyons and Peter Westoby)

The fight for WA's forests: 40 years on and still going (Beth Schultz)

Knit Your Revolt

International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative Summit (Claire van Herpen)

Farewell speech by Ursula Rakova from Tulele Peisa


Fukushima and nuclear conspiracy theories (Jim Green)

Is Fukushima the new normal for nuclear reactors? (Benjamin Sovacool)

Harassment of anti-nuclear citizens in Japan

Fukushima "under control"? (Jim Green)

Fukushima and the death of science journalism in Australia (Noel Wauchope)

Uranium mining and export not a piece of yellowcake (Dave Sweeney)

World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013

Uranium price slumps, Paladin Energy in trouble

South Korea: Nuclear scandal widens

China cancels nuclear fuel centre following protests

Taiwanese nuclear politics heats up

Uranium Mining in Niger

Dig for secrets: the lesson of Maralinga's Vixen B (Liz Tynan)

Abbott's Indigenous Council: Undermining Aboriginal interests? (Kado Muir, Mitch, and Peter Watts)

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part I: Undermining the South Pacific Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part II: Undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Dave Sweeney)

Australia's Nuclear Shame, Part III: Undermining nuclear disarmament diplomacy


Understanding the Science of Climate Change

Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence