Chain Reaction #123 - April 2015

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Friends of the Earth Australia: 40 years young

A short history of Friends of the Earth Australia

Saving the river red gums: An historic conservation victory − Will Mooney

FoE exposes uranium cartel in 1976 − Wieslaw Lichacz

Opposing uranium mining in Brisbane, 1976−78 − Jessica Harrison

FoE Melbourne Food Coop and Café

Bike rides against uranium mining − Peter Hayes

Other Articles

Australians leading the charge for a nuclear weapons-free world

The Bat Attack: Where Hundreds Made History − Helen War

Big energy hates renewable energy − Ben Courtice

Queensland's opportunity to address significant environmental threats − Andrew Picone

Reflections on G20 − Robin Taubenfeld

Dayak people of Indonesian Borneo taking on BHP Billiton − Jennifer Natoli

Indigenous Protected Areas under threat − Morgana Russell

US National Academy of Sciences backs untested geoengineering technologies − Jeremy Tager

Government's deregulatory extremism puts public at risk − Jeremy Tager

Register suggests widespread unregulated use of nanomaterials in agriculture in Australia − Louise Sales

Tasmanian government axes pesticide monitoring in waterways − Anthony Amis  

The Darker Side of Green − Kristen Lyons and Peter Westoby

Royal Commission should examine SA's shameful nuclear legacy − Jim Green


White Australia's burning issue − what's wrong with Bill Gammage's book − Ben Courtice and Emma Murphy

Short reviews: Reg Saunders: An Indigenous War Hero / Radical Newcastle / The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd