Chain Reaction #124 - September 2015


To download Chain Reaction #124 (September 2015) as a PDF click here or to read online use the links below ...

Friends of the Earth, Australia News

Government attacks on environmental groups

Threats against environment groups, threats against democracy − Ben Courtice

Australia needs politically active environmental groups − Susan Laurance and Bill Laurance

Silence on the agenda for enviro-charity inquiry − Andrew Leigh


Australian pesticides map takes shape − Anthony Amis

Some reflections on Friends of the Earth: 1974−76 − Neil Barrett

River Country Campaign − Morgana Russell

The Trans Pacific Partnership − Kieran Jairath, Michael Johnstone and Kat Moore

Occupied Palestine: The soldiers in the night ... and throughout every day − Jessica Morrison

The flaw in the new White Paper for developing northern Australia − John Glue

Vedanta in Tasmania: Not the corporate miner we want − Isla MacGregor

Semantically engineered crops − Louise Sales

Climate, energy, nuclear

Green Climate Fund: Course correction needed? − Karen Orenstein and Brandon Wu

The Catholic church confronts capitalism and technology − Jeremy Tager

Four easy ways to grow renewable energy in Victoria − Leigh Ewbank

Coal closures give SA the chance to go 100% renewable − Mark Diesendorf

Solar: the new normal for a sunny country − Claire O'Rourke

South Australia: The nuclear state? − Robyn Wood

Our heart jiggled with joy: Celebrating one year since historic nuclear dump decision

Can Australia learn from international experience in managing radioactive waste? − Anica Niepraschk

Radioactive Exposure Tour: Red dirt, porridge and the nuclear industry − Gem Romuld

Radioactive Racism in the Wild West − Mia Pepper

­­Rehabilitating Mirarr land: Uranium mining to end at Ranger? − Lauren Mellor


− Seed Sovereignty, Food Security: Women in the Vanguard

− Nonviolence unbound

− Big World, Small Planet: Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries

− How Australians were persuaded to ignore risk of climate change

− The race to feed a crowded world