Chain Reaction Contributor Guidelines

Chain Reaction Contact

BEST: [email protected]

Moran Wiesel - 0407 262 399 


#CR143 – Extractivism & Post Extractivism

Articles Due: 1st July 2022

We welcome articles, book reviews, campaign updates, artworks, poems, stories - even if you've never written or published anything before. So get in touch with your idea!
Unfortunately we cannot pay for contributions, although we do have a small fund for First Nations contributors. All contributors get a free copy of the edition though!

Contributing to Chain Reaction 

  1. Get in touch (via email) to share your idea, and we’ll discuss the best length/edition. Expressions of interest close a week before the submission due date.
  2. If you want us to work with you on your piece (e.g. writing style, flow of the piece etc.), send us a draft (via email) – at least a week before the submission deadline.
  3. Submit your article to the edition’s Submission Form - by the submission deadline.
  4. We’ll then liaise  with you as we edit, polish, and proofread  the article.
  5. We compile and print the magazine (this can take up to 2 months after you submit!). 

Contributor guidelines (including word lengths and style advice) are here.