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#CR146: Strong Blak Resistance 

Chain Reaction #146 is an all-Indigenous edition, guest edited by Nick Chesterfield. Below are some themes we’d like to cover - but there might be other areas that come to mind for you. Each contributor will receive a $200 stipend. 

We welcome articles, book reviews, campaign updates, artworks, poems, stories - even if you've never written or published anything before. So get in touch with your idea!

Submission Date: 4th July 2023

Jotform link for submissions: 

Themes to explore: 

  • Does the proposed Constitutional changes in an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament provide any meaningful vehicle to defend Aboriginal Land from devastation?  Why or why Not?
  • How can blak resistance best be supported? How can we see the blak change we want to see in the world?
  • Extractivism & Post-Extractivism resistance – Indigenous campaigns and analysis: mines, gas, waterways & dams, forestry, rare earth minerals, uranium/nuclear… etc.!
  • Incarceration & abolitionism/police violence/squashing blak protests
  •  Pastoralism, landclearing, cattle barons, and genocide resistance.
  • Land back movement
  • Frontier Wars//blak colonial history
  • Disability justice and colonisation // elder care / blak mutual aid processes & blak joy in resistance 
  • Blak led climate change mitigation & caring for country 
  • Food security 

We’d love to include a diversity of perspectives, knowledges, and experiences in this edition, as a celebration of the rich ongoing cultural fight on this continent. 

Contributor guidelines (including word lengths and style guide)