Chain Reaction Contributor Guidelines

Chain Reaction contact

Moran Wiesel

0407 262 399
[email protected]


CR141 "Pacific Regional Solidarity"

Submissions lose November 5th 2021. Expressions of Interest close October 29th 2021.

  • We welcome articles, book reviews, campaign updates, artworks, poems, stories. So get in touch with your idea!
  • Send us an email of your expression of interest with:
    • the article idea,
    • whether it's a 1,2, or 3 page article.
  • Then, we'll be in touch with you to discuss!
  • Expressions of interest close a week before the submission due date.
  • Unfortunately we cannot pay for contributions, but all contributors get a free copy of the magazine!


1. Pictures/graphics

  • Supply a high-resolution picture/graphic (at least 300dpi. Specify if there's a minimum size the photo needs to be - cm x cm). Include a caption, and credits to photographer/designer.
    • Note, the photo will be printed in Black and White.
  • Send the photo in a separate file to the word file. 
  • Ensure you have permissions to us the picture/graphic. 
  • Include a short photo caption.
    • If there are people in the photo, name them if at all possible.

2. Biography note

  • Include a short biography note (1-2 sentences): who you are, what you do. You’re welcome to include contact details, website etc. for inclusion at the bottom of the article.
  • Your contact details for Chain Reaction's records:
    • Email, Postal Address (so we can send you a hardcopy when the edition is printed), Phone Number (in case we need to call to chat through your article).

3. "More information" section

  • We like to include some key literature for readers who want more information, in a section titled 'More information' at the end of the article. It can include websites for key organisations, references to particular articles/books, etc.


We encourage everyone - no matter your writing experience - to contribute to Chain Reaction! 

Our editorial team are here to help you through the process of having an idea into crafting it to a polished piece.

Here are a few guidelines Chain Reaction follows.

1. Word limits

Make sure you get in touch with us to work out the best length for your article!

  • 1 page article = 650 words with 1 image
  • 2 page article = 1400 words with 1 image, or 1000 words with 2 images
  • 3 page article = 2250 words with 1 image, or 2000 words with 2 images

2. Referencing

  • Please ensure your article is adequately referenced. Mentions to other work, and evidence claims must be cited.
  • Citation is by footnotes at the end of the article, and need to at least include:
    • Author/webpage, date, URL link (if applicable).
  • ALL URLS/LINKS NEED TO COPIED OUT FULLY (into footnotes), RATHER THAN HYPERLINKED IN TEXT! (We will shorten the URL citation for you).
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask! 
    • Note, some opinion piece and reflection articles may not have any references, and that's ok! It would be great to have links to further reading though!

3. Language

  • Click here for advice on avoiding defamation problems.
  • Include trigger warnings were necessary.


  • Submissions call-out
  • Expressions of interest are received
  • Contributors write/create, and editors liaise with contributors.
  • Expressions of interest close.
  • Final articles are submitted.
  • Submissions due date, and submissions close.
  • Editorial team go through and proof read all the articles (we may ask you to tweak a few things!).
  • Design, print and publish!
  • Contributors receive a free copy of the magazine!